Susan works actively with TROTT – Training Racehorses Off-The-Track. The mission of TROTT is offer transition time for horses leaving the racing world and to find them adopted homes.

Susan working a fundraiser for TROTT horses in Orange County at Peacock Hill Equestrian Center in 2013 -

Susan Armenti TROTT Peacock Hill 2013
Susan Armenti TROTT Peacock Hill 2013

Susan (far right) with Bob Baffert at Churchill Downs Fundraiser in Louisville, Kentucky -

Bob Baffert Susan Armenti Churchill Downs Fundraiser

The champion mare, Zenyatta, is the face of TROTT fundraising. Her owners, Jerry and Ann Moss of Bel Air, fully support the goals of TROTT. Zenyatta is the horse that is helping her fellow horses and with 19 straight wins Zenyatta has set a history making racing record and made 2011 "Horse of the Year."

Zenyatta Holmby Park Realty
Zenyatta Holmby Park Realty & TROTT

Susan with Zenyatta, 2009 Breeders Cup Winner, and Steve, her exercise rider, at Hollywood Park. 2009.

Susan and other TROTT volunteers at a fundraiser
featuring Zenyatta at Hollywood Park, June 13 2010.

Zenyatta Holmby Park Realty
Zenyatta Holmby Park Realty

Zenyatta & Mike Smith

Zenyatta & Mike Smith

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Holmby Park Realty supports the National Search Dog Foundation (NSDF).

MAY 25, 2011 - Joplin Teams Return Home / Teams Deploy to Oklahoma City. Click here to read more.

MARCH 15, 2011 - Six Canine Disaster Search Teams trained by the Search Dog Foundation have been deployed to Japan as part of Los Angeles County Task Force 2. The 72-member L. A. Task Force was mobilized by USAID and is being sent into the disaster zone along with Virginia Task Force 2. Per USAID, some 75 tons of rescue supplies and equipment for each Task Force are being delivered to the devastated region via military transport. Click here to read more.

NSDF Eric Gray & Riley

JANUARY 22 – 5:00 P.M. PST

As of 7:30 a.m. local time in Haiti, SDF Handler Ron Weckbacher reported the Search Teams in Port-au-Prince were awaiting their briefing for the day, when they would receive their search assignments. All of the dogs are doing well, and the Handlers are bringing back plenty of ideas based on their deployment experiences to share with fellow Handlers at home. Ron added that Pluis Davern, SDF's Lead Trainer, should be very proud of the job the dogs are doing. (To continue reading, click here.)


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