One of the great things about real estate sales is that you help people move through their life. Change isn’t easy and buying or selling a house is a time when a calm, experienced and capable agent can make all the difference. At Holmby Park Realty we really appreciate the faith clients put in us and we return their confidence in us by delivering the kind of service we would expect if we were the client.

Our recent purchase of a condo in the Sherman Oaks area was our first experience with real estate in the LA area. We were surprised at the complexity of the process, and never anticipated that there would be so many little questions and issues to be dealt with. This was especially difficult for us because we were attempting to carry out this transaction at a distance of 3000 miles! Susan Armenti was a tireless advocate for us who made the whole transaction successful. She has a great deal of experience and knowledge of the LA market, and was able to steer us smoothly through the many steps we had to take. Susan's positive, thoughtful, and caring professionalism makes her a very effective real estate agent. I would recommend her and her work without reservation. Susan, thanks for all that you did for us!

"I have had the pleasure of working with Susan two times now. In both instances I was looking to rent a house in the Los Angeles area. She’s ethical, knowledgeable, and goes above and beyond the duties of a real estate agent. I hope to be able to purchase a house of my own in the future and Susan would be the first person I would phone. I was recently interested in the possibility of purchasing property in another state, and Susan was happy to meet with me just to give me her educated advice and opinion and connect me with her contacts out of state. I trust her opinion, her experience and her honest and transparent way of doing business. She truly cares about the people she’s working for and wants them to be happy in their home."
Heidi A.

"Sometimes in life you come across a professional who is honest, efficient, knowledgeable; someone who can guide you through a difficult and complicated situation. It’s rare to find such a person (especially in real estate) but you wouldn’t be surprised to know they exist. If you find a broker who is all that and who has a sixth sense about what will make you happy, independent of her own self-interest, then you’ve found someone you probably didn’t know existed. That’s Susan Armenti."
Dr. Phil Stutz – Psychiatrist and Author of “The Tools"

"It is with pleasure that I recommend the work of Susan Armenti as a realtor. I recently worked with her on a search for a home for six senior college students, one of which was my son. With most owners resisting the idea of six students living in their house, Susan was tireless in her efforts to ensure the needs of all parties were not only understood but that their needs were attended to. She went about this in a friendly and efficient manner, always available to answer a parent’s question, an owner’s concern and yet meet the idealistic brief of six young men (near the beach, close to school, big enough for everyone). Susan is very well suited to the client services business and blends a high degree of professionalism with customer empathy. Importantly, she delivered on the brief."
Dereck van Rensburg, Senior Executive, The Coca-Cola Company

"Susan has shown me, through the 20 years that I've known her, to not only be a classy and professional lady but she also brings high standards to the properties she has found for me. She is available 100% of her time when working with you. She has the ability to understand right away what your needs are and it doesn't take long for her to determine possibilities that work and to accomplish what is necessary."
Maria Conchita Alonso – Actress, Singer

"Thanks Susan! We can't believe how fast this year has gone! We really appreciate everything you did for us with the house. We had a truly amazing year in it and it's all thanks to you finding it and being persistent with us! Thank you for all your hard work, we all thoroughly enjoyed working with you."
Joel Van Rensburg

"Susan went beyond what was expected in helping us secure our first home. With the down economy, we went through a banking process that was difficult, confusing, and often times frustrating. Susan Armenti's experience spans over 20 years and it showed. Without her expertise, advocacy, and encouragement, we would not have successfully closed. Her knowledge of the Beverly Glen area, its school districts and quality of life is unparalled in the real estate field. She thanked us for our business, but we will be thanking her for a lifetime! It was a real pleasure working with her."  
Norman and Jane

"It was a real pleasure working with Susan. She provided the personal service and attention to detail that is so often lacking in most agents. When glitches occurred, as they inevitably do, Susan was able to draw from her experience and contacts to provide the needed technical support to advance the process and kept the Buyers motivated. I recommend her highly."
Rodger, Real Estate Investor

"We worked with Susan, both on the sales side and the rental end of the business. We could not be happier with the time she put in, her listening skills and her knowledge of the market. All turned out very well for us. Bottom line is, we got just the place we wanted! We highly recommend Susan for any of your real estate needs and if anyone would like to speak with us, we'd be more than happy to give Susan our strongest recommendations."
Bob and Linda Currie

"Susan is tireless, tenacious, thorough and an exceedingly pleasant real estate broker. She is always mindful of her client’s needs and wishes. She has helped me in the worst of times to secure tenants for my properties. She is a long-time friend (20 years) who has always been there for me.
I would highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of an honest, competent, and resourceful real estate broker."
Chris Danzo - Animation Producer

"Having moved to Los Angeles from Europe, Susan Armenti was helpful with the little things as much as with the larger picture of coming to terms with a very different housing market than where we came from. She has been extraordinarily patient, helpful and professional at every moment of our rental period."  
Karen - Artist, Urbanist, Architect

“I love the house SO MUCH MORE than I thought I did!!! It's incredible, I'm noticing SO many amazing, sweet things about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY, I'm shocked, relieved, ecstatic, overjoyed and so grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!”
Jill Gwen – 20th Century Fox Studio Executive

“Susan Armenti has been nothing but professional, personable and extremely resourceful in her efforts to rent out my house in Beverly Glen. Susan has done a remarkable job, having found responsible renters for me over the last three years. I would list any property with her in the future and recommend her highly to anyone trying to sell or lease their property.”
Joseph Cacaci – Film director and Columbia University professor

"Susan Armenti saved my rental. I had awful renters who finally left my beautiful rental house and it showed severe abuse.  I listed it with Susan and she was immediately helpful in getting the house back on the market, and at a better price.  She had tradesmen at her disposal and helped guide the project.  She showed potential renters until she delivered the best one ever.  That person is still in my house today and, as it turns out, is the best renter I've ever had. Two thumbs up for Susan Armenti!"
Bill Kaplan - Sound Editor

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